Personal Approach

I work primarily with three complimentary humanistic approaches, namely Person-Centred, Existential and Gestalt. This means that I use an integrated approach that does not preach or direct and acknowledges the importance of all aspects of life. I respect you for your unique way of being and believe that everyone has an innate ability to find their way through most of life's ups and downs, yet sometimes we can be rocked by significant life events, lose confidence and self esteem or simply feel lost, depressed, and overwhelmed wondering what life is all about. 

I work with you at your pace to support and encourage you to explore different ways of looking at things so that you can make the changes you choose to make to rediscover yourself.
"Don't believe everything you think!"
Dr Shelly Harrell 
A reminder to question self deprecating thoughts of not being good enough
or the automatic assumptions we make about what others are thinking

“Everything that irritates us about others can
lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

C G Jung